Back Row: Andy Lowe, Nora DeVeau-Rosen, Meredith Anne Patt, Snehal Desai,Misao McGregor, and Stacy Hennon Stone. Front Row: Jade Cagalawan, Ximón Wood, and Dora Quach. Photo by Steven Lam.


Snehal Desai
Producing Artistic Director
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x17

Nora DeVeau-Rosen
General Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x10
email: ndeveau-rosen[at]

Andy Lowe
Director of Production
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x19
email: alowe[at]

Jade Cagalawan
Arts Education & Professional Enrichment Programs Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x11
email: jcagalawan[at] 

Dora Quach
Development Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x14
email: dquach[at]

Meredith Anne Patt
Audience Services Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x16
email: mpatt[at]

Stacy Hennon Stone
Technical and Facilities Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000
email: shennon[at]

Ximón Wood
PR & Marketing Manager
Telephone: (213) 635-7000, x12
email: xwood[at]

Misao McGregor

Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director
Telephone: (213) 635-7000, x15
email: mmcgregor[at]

Kathryn Adams Farrell
Grant Writer

Earl Laxamana
Graphic Designer

YH Advisors
Accounting Firm