(front row: Andy Lowe | second row (L to R): Patricia Tumang, Snehal Desai | third row (L to R): Norge Yip, Monika Ramnath, Meredith Patt | back row (L to R): Nora DeVeau-Rosen, Carolina San Juan)


Snehal Desai
Producing Artistic Director
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x22
email: sdesai[at]eastwestplayers.org

Nora DeVeau-Rosen
General Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x27
email: ndeveau-rosen[at]eastwestplayers.org

Monika Ramnath
Development Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000 x17
email: mramnath[at]eastwestplayers.org

Carolina San Juan, PhD
Arts Education Director
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x15
email: csanjuan[at]eastwestplayers.org

Patricia Tumang
Public Relations and Marketing Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x12
email: ptumang[at]eastwestplayers.org

Andy Lowe
Production Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000, x14
email: alowe[at]eastwestplayers.org

Meredith Patt
Audience Services Manager
Telephone: (213) 625-7000 x17
email: mpatt[at]eastwestplayers.org